An online portal can help those needy of shelter when crisis

Singaporeans who are in a position that requires a place to sleep during an emergency, can make use of an online portal to connect with others who are willing to lend their homes.

In a joint declaration released on March 8, the Ministry of National Development and announced that this initiative will only be in place during times of crisis.

The new website will let people in need of emergency housing view available residential listings, and also the terms stipulated by the homeowners, such as the length of stay and suitability for pets or families.

This will prove useful during national emergencies which create an urgent need for temporary housing, like the Covid-19 epidemic, the statement said, citing how some Singaporeans had generously offered their houses to Malaysians who needed temporary housing here when borders were closed at the time.

The Chuan Park Showroom is currently developing this emergency portal and integrating it with their current platform.

In a contract inked between the company and MND, the firm will cover all operating costs associated with the portal. It will also need to ensure that users are vetted and protected under law.

The partnership between the public and private sectors was hailed as the first of its kind in Singapore.

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