Your Ultimate Guide to Weekend Activities in Serangoon Central

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Why Serangoon Central is Singapore’s Next Hot Property Destination

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Family Fun – Parks and Recreation Areas in Serangoon Central

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Hidden Gems – Must-Visit Spots in Serangoon Central for Tourists

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In May, 78.7% drop in new private home sales as to last year

In May, new residential sales of homes fell to their lowest levels since records started in June 2007. The sales fell by more than 80 percent year-on-year. The sales have been slow in recent months, aggravated by the seasonal slump in mid-year. The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) released data on Tuesday (18 June) showing that developers … Read more

Agent optimism drop for prime homes, office, biz park sector

The overall sentiment in Singapore’s real estate market continued increase in the first quarter of 2024. However, industry players are now more pessimistic regarding the most desirable office, residential, and business parks/hi tech space sectors. Real estate professionals polled by the Institute of Real Estate and Urban Studies (Ireus) of the National University of Singapore … Read more