URA launches Dairy Farm, Tengah, Bayshore sites, 2,000 homes

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) on Thursday (Jun 13) published three residential areas to tender for the first half of the 2024 government sale of land (GLS) program. Three sites are located at Dairy Farm Walk, Tengah Garden Avenue and Bayshore Road. The three land parcels are on a 99-year lease and can yield a … Read more

Leniency on ABSD, young SG singles and PR couple moving home

SINGLE Singaporeans were able to be happy about in Budget 2024, particularly on the housing front. In the event of meeting certain requirements one Singapore citizen who is 55 or over can now claim an amount of refund for Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD) which is paid on the second house they purchase. The ABSD refund … Read more

A new residential estate in Sengkang can have 10,000 homes

About 10,000 new houses could be built on a large parcel of land located in Fernvale North in Sengkang, according to plans proposed for a new estate next to the Tampines Expressway (TPE). Urban Redevelopment Authority is preparing the 18.9ha housing development site which will be bordered by Jalan Kayu and Fernvale Street. The TPE … Read more

An online portal can help those needy of shelter when crisis

Singaporeans who are in a position that requires a place to sleep during an emergency, can make use of an online portal to connect with others who are willing to lend their homes. In a joint declaration released on March 8, the Ministry of National Development and Mogul.sg announced that this initiative will only be … Read more

HDBs rent increased 0.4%, while condo rent decreased 0.4 %.

Singapore is expected to become more appealing to multinational corporations as rent prices fall which will attract more foreigners. The number of condos rented out in April grew by 3.1 percent to 5,874 units. The amount of units rented in April grew by 4.4 percent over the previous year, but still a mere six percent below … Read more

In April, there was a 1.5% uptick in condo resale prices

Over the course of the year, resale prices increased by 5.1 per cent. The OCR had the highest increase of 7.2 percent which was followed by RCR which was up 5.2 percent, and CCR that only increased 0.2 cents. The sub-sale transaction made up 9.2 percent of all secondary sales in March, which is an ... Read more

Spore moves up to 6 position in the world resilient cities

The Urban Redevelopment Authority Master Plan 2025 includes urban resilience among its key topics. The city-state is likely to witness a greater number of investment transactions in 2024 as buyers and sellers return to the market, The market is expected to be active across all categories of investments, with Singapore’s safe haven status, political stability … Read more

Price of a condo dip 0.8% in January after 5 mth of increase

It’s still too early to know whether the drop in resale prices are just a blip or the beginning of a market correction. The price of condos could continue to rise in 2024, as less condos will be constructed. This could lead to a shortage of supply. The volume of resales fell by 0.6% in … Read more

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